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Why Seek Nadi Astrology?

We invite you to experience one of the few remaining ancient mysteries of the world. Imagine someone born thousands of years ago promising to change your current destiny, right now from Nadi Astrology.

To prepare to discover a new destiny, you are invited to search for your Nadi leaf today and perform the simple remedies indicated. Seek now and you shall find your future.

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How to Seek Nadi Astrology Predictions?

In Nadi Astrology, predictions are obtained from Nadi Leafs using one's Thump Impression. "For Males the Right Hand Thumb Impression and for Females the Left Thumb Impression is Used".

For each thumb impression there are likely to be around five to six bundles; each such bundle in turn containing 50 to 100 leaves. In Nadi Astrology these plam leafes are catalogued as per the signs on the thumb print. The seeker's thumb print is used to approximately locate the closest bundle of leaves.

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Benefits of Online Nadi Reading

Online Nadi reading benefits you in many ways such as You don't have to be here in person directly. You can just send your thumb impression to us, by email along with your details. Hence you can save your time and money from your Nadi Astrology online reading.

Since you don't have to spend your valuable time till we find your leaf as we will do it and get back you asap for your Nadi Astrology online reading.

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